It's Simple

  Yoga can transform your entire life...


This isn't something you hear every day from a fitness routine, is it?


If you've ever started a fitness routine, and then felt more defeated than when you started, you know the meaning of burnout.


And you also have a feeling that It shouldn't be this way.


Where to begin though...


How are you supposed to start (and stick with) making the changes necessary to create a healthy lifestyle (especially when you've been down this road (more times than you care to recall), only to be met with disappointment and what feels like failure)?


That’s where Go Yoga! Express and our Signature 3-Step Method come in! We're different.

  Yoga is Your First Step.


You're smart, you’ve already made changes to create a healthy lifestyle, when most people just talk about it. The strength of your body and mind matter to you - and you’ve got big dreams for your life!


But when it comes to taking consistent action, to realize those dreams, you feel stuck. 


Whether it's fear of failure or not knowing how to create and succeed at habit change, you aren't sure, but stopping and starting one more thing is out of the question.


But things don’t change until you change them. And we know it’s hard.


So we're here to help you make that first leap.

  The Tools, Strategy & Psychology that Will Change You:

  1. Identify and Commit to your goals with a trainer (after you submit your goals sheet, one of our trainers will reach out to you personally, to boost your success).
  2. Secure a customizable blueprint that suits YOUR schedule and goals. Never again will you fall off track because you needed to work longer than expected, your kid was sick and so on. If you can't make it to class, we have videos you can pull up (with lengths from 8 - 75 minutes, we have an option for you).
  3. Learn pre-set sequences so you can expand your new skills daily and track your progress. In no time, you'll see your success, which will boost your confidence and excitement to keep going!
  4. Create abundant natural energy in your body so you can live at your fullest potential. Exercise and mindset training are the foundation of our program.
  5. Get the unfair advantage that the best athletes and professionals have in common...then watch your goals become your new reality! One on one attention and coaching is what we're talking about here. The best and brightest know their worth and invest in themselves. P.S. we have private training available.

What's included in our 3 - Step Transformation Method?

  1. Unlimited Studio Yoga Classes, perfect for beginners and all levels, to strengthen your body from the inside-out. 
  2. Meditation Videos, sent to your email every week during your 30-Day Transformation, to build your mental strength.
  3. Personal Growth & Development Journal Prompts, delivered to your email every week during your 30-Day Transformation, to improve your focus and help you prioritize what you want in life.


"Starting a hot yoga practice was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.


Going to yoga helped keep me mentally balanced and physically healthy. I also am a firm believer that it played a major role in helping me to have a healthy pregnancy.


I love the yoga community you have established and I am so thankful for all of the amazing instructors at Go Yoga!"


~Elise A.

"I have always exercised and had tried yoga off and on for several years but never really stuck with anything.


Once I committed to a regular power yoga practice, I was hooked.


I'm stronger and more physically and mentally fit now than I have ever been. I can do push ups, bend into poses I never thought possible, run faster and longer, and have the energy to keep up with two toddlers.


I can relax and "let go" and I can more efficiently work through challenging situations day to day.


I've found the great thing about yoga is that some days your practice feels strong and powerful and some days you want to stretch/relax... and you learn to accept and appreciate both!


Thanks Kellie for always smiling and inspiring us all!"


~Erica K

"Yoga allowed me to keep doing what I love. I am a runner who had/has back issues.


Running was my stress reliever and not only kept my body in-shape but helped me get out of my head. When I couldn’t run I felt awful inside and out.


Yoga alleviated my back pain and enabled me to start running again. As an added benefit my core got stronger and my stress level lowered!"


~Laura B

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